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  • TU Darmstadt

    "Overall, this setup increases the impact of the research program and reduces the time required for coordination."

    Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Lambie - Profilbereich Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces Geschäftsführer

  • "VisionX and its Oracle Forms migration extension enable the rapid and straightforward migration of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX into web and mobile applications. What typically presents a huge challenge to companies that wish to migrate away from Oracle becomes fairly simple, and a project that can take years can be completed within months—at significantly lower cost."



    "By partnering up with SIB Visions, we found the perfect technology setup for developing and maintaining applications based on Postgres against a low cost of ownership."

    Michel Schöpgens, COO of Splendid Data

  • TU Darmstadt

    "We found the solution with VisionX. Their low-code development environment is simple enough to start fast, but powerful enough to create even very complex processes."

    Julian Reichle - Product Management SNOWsat


    "VisionX offers an Oracle Forms migration extension, which is able to create applications based on the Oracle Forms FMB source files or the existing data model. For us at Nibble, this all means we now have a complete proposition for our customers, where we can migrate not only the database with all the data and business logic like packages but also the Oracle Forms and Reports. This approach ensures a valid business case in regards to saving on Oracle licenses and subscriptions and incurring the cost of the migration."

    Rob Sijmons, Co-founder of Nibble IT

  • TU Darmstadt

    "Compared to our previous low-code platform, VisionX allows us to scale easily. Especially since VisionX offers has no limitations in end-user licenses or the number of applications"

    Gopi Shanmugam - Software Developer at Abu Dhabi Oil Company

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