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Not Enough Developers? Slow Development Progress?

CIOs and development leads are struggling to deliver business requirements.  Low code can help. Here’s a real-life comparison of traditional programming vs. low code.

Traditional Programming


Low Code With VisionX

2-5x Faster

Visual development with VisionX as your low-code platform

Low-Code Development Platform VisionX

Visual Development

With Low-Code you can create software through graphical UI and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

Build Web, Mobile, And Desktop Apps

VisionX helps you to create web, desktop, and native mobile apps as quickly and efficiently as possible, be it an issue tracking system, a back office system or a mobile order app.

What Makes VisionX Unique

VisionX is a low-code development platform that lets you visually develop your entire application.

2–5x Faster Than Traditional Programming

Building apps with VisionX is two to five times faster than traditional software development.

Full Control & Code Independency

VisionX only uses Java Open Source frameworks. Therefore, you own 100% of the generated application code. And it also works without VisionX.

Real-Time Sync Between VisionX & Eclipse

Everything you change in VisionX will be automatically changed in the Java code or in the data model in the database and vice versa.

Applications built with VisionX

Low code example: Taxi mobile app

Taxi Booking

This taxi booking application runs on web and mobile. A Viennese taxi agency – a local alternative to Uber – built this with VisionX.

Pension insurance web portal

Pension Insurance Web Portal

This portal enables members (=doctors) of the NAEV to view their pension information and perform services online or on mobile.

Training Course ERP

Training Course ERP

This desktop application allows users to plan, manage, and invoice training courses in training centers with over 10,000 unemployed participants per year.

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