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Business Automation

With VisionX you can automate any sort of business processes.
  • Approval processes and any workflows
  • Asset, inventory and fleet management
  • Project, time tracking and training management
  • Billing, payments and finance

Field Service Apps

With VisionX you can build any field service application.
  • On-site maintenance service apps
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Equipment tracking
  • Field sales & operations

Customer Related Applications

With VisionX you can build any customer-facing application.
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Case, claim and ticket management systems
  • Quoting, calculator and order apps
  • Surveys, online forms and applications management
  • TU Darmstadt

    "Compared to our previous low-code platform, VisionX allows us to scale easily. Especially since VisionX offers has no limitations in end-user licenses or the number of applications"

    Gopi Shanmugam - Software Developer at Abu Dhabi Oil Company

  • D Wave System

    “We like that VisionX is a flexible solution, allowing us to have full control when we need it and, at the same time, things that are trivial work out of the box without the manual implementation of UI elements or development of an in-house UI framework.”

    Igor Pavlov - Senior Software Developer at D-Wave

  • TU Darmstadt

    "Overall, this setup increases the impact of the research program and reduces the time required for coordination."

    Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Lambie - Profilbereich Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces Geschäftsführer

  • TU Darmstadt

    "We found the solution with VisionX. Their low-code development environment is simple enough to start fast, but powerful enough to create even very complex processes."

    Julian Reichle - Product Management SNOWsat

The Open Low-Code Platform

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VisionX is the most open and flexible low-code platform that enables businesses users to easily build applications themselves.

for IT

VisionX is the most open and flexible low-code platform for real developers. VisionX accelerates your software development.

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