Everything to build Enterprise Application very efficient.

The Open Low-Code Platform
for Developers

Build native mobile, responsive web and desktop applications extremely fast with no limits!

Visual development of the user interface, data model and business logic makes development 2-5 times faster. At the same time, less skilled developers can create high quality, consistent output in a team.
While you develop visually with VisionX, a Java application is generated on your computer in real time, using only open source libraries. You can edit and extend it in any Java IDE.
VisionX is an open low-code platform that fits into any enterprise environment. VisionX applications can be run in any cloud, on premise, as containers or in VMs. Integration with your SSO or any versioning system all CI/CD pipelines are also provided.
VisionX is the only platform that allows you to develop visually and make changes at the code level, while keeping both in sync. You can change a UI element in VisionX and the code immediately changes. Or you can edit the code and immediately see the change in VisionX.
VisionX applications integrate with all major databases or other systems via easy to use CRUD REST services. We support over than 50 REST services out of the box from various ERP systems and SaaS services. Through Zapier we support over 2000 apps with countless services.
VisionX includes a complete workflow engine for automating business processes such as approval workflows. It includes a visual designer, debugger, monitoring, to-do management, REST, database access, flow control, custom functions and many other features.

Develop Beautiful User Interfaces

Deliver a great user experience across all UI platforms.


Build great native mobile apps, responsive frontend and backend web applications, desktop applications, and rich internet applications (RIA) with our next generation rapid application development (RAD) tool aka low-code platform.

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