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Workflow Engine

Automate routine tasks. Work smarter, not harder.

VisionX includes a complete workflow engine for automating business processes such as approval workflows. It includes a visual designer, debugger, monitoring, to-do management, REST, database access, flow control, custom functions and many other features.
Workflows are always persisted and are the ideal solution for long or complex business processes with delayed triggers.


Workflow Designer

Easily automate business processes with drag and drop.

Examples of business processes built with VisionX:
  • Any approval process
  • Connect system and exchange data automatically
  • Automatically perform routine tasks daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Optimized back office processing
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Case, claim and ticket management systems

Workflow Functions

With an extensive package of useful and powerful functions, a myriad of activities can be automated.

  • Database: You can access data from all major SQL databases including full transaction support.
  • Flow Control: Flow control gives you a variety of options, such as checking any condition / status, looping through lists and handling specific exceptions.
  • E-Mail Templates: With email templates, it is easy to send any message to the various people in a business process. These templates can also be customized in your VisionX application.
  • Notifications: Just wait until certain data has changed, or other processes are in a specific status, then perform further steps automatically.
  • Client Actions: The workflow engine can send client call actions, such as notifications, to logged in users.
  • Sub Worflows: Group their activities into sub-processes, to reuse functionality and make processes clearer.
  • REST: With the workflow engine you get REST functionality to access, change or delete any busienss data via REST
  • To-Dos: The workflow engine also allows you to create todos that are immediately visible for business users in the application through Push messages. The to-do management screen is in VisionX flexible designable.

Start Workflows in VisionX Applications

If you already run your applications on VisionX, you can simply integrate your workflows into your VisionX application. You can just add new workflows to respective screens. For example, you can give users the option to send an email from one of your application screens.


Maintain an overview of processes and steps at all times.

Not sure why a workflow was triggered? Or maybe you noticed unexpected behavior in your live system? With the workflow log you can view all active, paused, and old workflows at a glance.
The workflow log gives you a comprehensive view of all workflow steps, and you can even stop or debug selected workflows.


Simulate all variants of your workflow step-by-step with real data.


Not sure if the created workflows work? No worries. With the workflow debugger, you can test each one of them.
The debugger gives you full transparency on whether a workflow runs successfully or not. The log output for each workflow step provides actionable insights into why something might not work yet.

Custom Functions

Simply add new workflow functions via the settings screen.


Implement additional functions simply via Java. You can define the possible input parameters with visual editors to make the input easy for the user. Then choose the number of output connections for your new custom workflow function.
Just implement a method that uses the input parameter and executes your workflow function code. The function then decides which output connections should be used.

Don’t wait to innovate.

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