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The VisionX – Low-Code Platform

Why VisionX?

Why VisionX?

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See how to build applications

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More Platform Features

VisionX applications integrate with all major databases or other systems via easy to use CRUD REST services. We support over than 50 REST services out of the box from various ERP systems and SaaS services. Through Zapier we support over 2000 apps with countless services.
VisionX includes a complete workflow engine for automating business processes such as approval workflows. It includes a visual designer, debugger, monitoring, to-do management, REST, database access, flow control, custom functions and many other features.

VisionX Action Editor

210+ actions to add functionality to your applications


We provide a huge library of built-in actions, such as sending emails or getting approvals, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With a total of more than 210 actions, business users can add functionality and logic to their applications without writing code.
  • Conditions: has role, <=, >=, ==, …
  • Loops: Iterate through your data to perform calculations.
  • 210+ functions: Data manipulation, pass parameters to screens, calc and group functions and many more
  • Easy parameter selection Visual entry helpers are available for selecting action parameters, making them easy to use.
  • Search and categories: This includes action categories, an intuitive action search function and action documentation.

Any UI Platform.
Web, Desktop and native Mobile

Every VisionX application runs – without modification – on every device. With the same source code.

  • UI platform independent: You can switch between Web, Desktop and mobile without changing the UI source code or any aspect of the screens.
  • UI Framework independent: No matter which web or mobile framework dominates the market in the future, we will support it. Simply switch to the next UI Framework.
  • Flutter Mobile: For native mobile Android and iOS apps we use Googles Flutter mobile framework. We have only one soure code for all mobile devices.
  • Vaadin: We use the Vaadin framework for your Web UI. Very powerful with rich controls.
  • React: Starting in 2021 we will support the React framework for Web applications the most used Web UI framework worldwide.

UI Platform extensions
Java, Javascript, Typescript, Dart.

The UI can be changed platform independently or in the specific technology at code level.

  • Generic UI Layer: You can add, change and extend generic UI elements in Java.
  • Technology specific UI Layer: You can add, change and extend the UI at the respective technology, e.g. with Dart code using the Flutter mobile Framework. Or you can go even to the lowest level with Objective C in iOS or Java in Android.

Word, Excel and PDF Reporting

Easily design reports in Word and Excel and use the data from your application.


Easily create reports in VisionX and format them in Word or Excel. Use all the features offered by those tools thanks to templates containing placeholders that are automatically filled in with the relevant data from your application.
You can reuse existing Word and Excel templates from your business to create impressive reports including charts and formulas.
We support Word, EXCEL and PDF as output formats.

Develop Beautiful User Interfaces

Deliver a great user experience across all UI platforms.


Build great native mobile apps, responsive frontend and backend web applications, desktop applications, and rich internet applications (RIA) with our next generation rapid application development (RAD) tool aka low-code platform.

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