Transform Oracle Forms to
modern Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps

VisionX helps you transform Oracle Forms systems within months instead of years.
By combining template/database/ FMB-based screen generation, fast visual development, and Oracle Forms features, you can build your own systems quickly and efficiently.

Transform Very Quickly

The VisionX Forms extension is built to transform Oracle Forms to modern web, mobile, and desktop applications as quickly and efficiently as possible, thanks to an automated, window-by-window transformation approach that produces the best possible result from existing data models or .FMB Files.

Use a DB Model or .FMB Files

Choose a database table and VisionX will automatically create a screen containing all relevant UI elements such as combo boxes/LOVs, master/detail relationships, data binding and CRUD.

Choose a Screen Template and Layout

The template is the Java base class and source template, the UI layout is a generator to place and data bind the UI elements . Both can be customized to quickly generate hundreds of screens.

Adjust with Drag & Drop

Finalize your screen with filters, UI elements, reports and UI logic.

Transformation Strategy

The core strategy is to transform simple and moderately complex windows as quickly as possible so as to reduce time and cut costs for a realistic ROI.Approximately 87% of all windows within an application are either simple or moderately complex windows.

Move PL/SQL to Database

Most of the the PL/SQL code in the Forms can easily be compiled into the database and UI logic moved to the database as business logic – less code left to transform!

Reduce Source Code

The remaining UI code in the Forms is often repetitive. VisionX offers many standard components which can do the same job in just one line of code. Other parts can be coded once or customized in a base class of the screen or application.

Transform 87% Very Quickly

60% of the windows are simple master data / management windows, which can be generated and adapted in approximately one to two hours per window. 27% of the windows are medium complex and can be generated and completed in approximately two to three days per window.

Forms Embedded Summit

Embed Screens in Forms

The migrated Java screens can easily be embedded in the existing Forms solution. With no need for parallel development during the migration, a step-by-step transformation becomes simple.

Oracle Forms Features

The VisionX Forms extension offers all the standard features of Oracle Forms.Quick and easy 1:1 transformation, no end-user training required, and happy developers! Features include:
  • Enter/exit query mode
  • Multiline Forms tables
  • Block navigation
  • LOV button
  • Forms toolbar
  • Forms trigger concept
  • Query/table CRUD
  • Commit/rollback

Power Features

VisionX offers additional features and standard components which are missing in Oracle Formsin order to reduce the necessary code in a transformation project.
  • Multilingual support
  • Relative layouts – screen resizing
  • No code needed for master data refetch
  • Error handling in DB & Java
  • Automatic “returning” of trigger-filled values
  • Global data type to UI control mapping
  • Global defaults for everything
  • Customizable authentication including SSO

Any UI Platform.
Web, Desktop and native Mobile

Every VisionX application runs – without modification – on every device. With the same source code.

  • UI platform independent: You can switch between Web, Desktop and mobile without changing the UI source code or any aspect of the screens.
  • UI Framework independent: No matter which web or mobile framework dominates the market in the future, we will support it. Simply switch to the next UI Framework.
  • Flutter Mobile: For native mobile Android and iOS apps we use Googles Flutter mobile framework. We have only one soure code for all mobile devices.
  • Vaadin: We use the Vaadin framework for your Web UI. Very powerful with rich controls.
  • React: Starting in 2021 we will support the React framework for Web applications the most used Web UI framework worldwide.

UI Platform extensions
Java, Javascript, Typescript, Dart.

It can be changed platform independently or in the specific technology at code level.

  • Generic UI Layer: You can add, change and extend generic UI elements in Java.
  • Technology specific UI Layer: You can add, change and extend technologie specific.
    E.g With Dart and the Flutter mobile Framework. Or even you can go to low level with Objective C in iOS or Java in Android.

Migrate to modern web and mobile applications

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