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VisionX for Insurance: Software That Fits Your Business

Empower your team to build applications and connect the systems you really need.

Challenges of Today’s Insurance Businesses

Inefficient system & data syncs

Are you able to efficiently connect all your different systems and harmonize your data? How are you modernizing your legacy systems?

Claim management

Are you able to handle claims and other customer queries cost-efficient across web, mobile, emails, and other channels?

Online insurance portals

Can you provide a great digital experience for your customers? Are you able to deliver great customer portals and online insurance systems?

Use the power of VisionX to build your own applications.

Don’t manage your data with Excel sheets. Get ready for the digital age faster.

You can really do it.

Connect your systems. Optimize your back office.

Your insurance business is dealing with too many different systems – from ERP systems, CRM, sales, back office, to claim and commission management. With VisionX, you can modernize and connect your systems while optimizing your back office’s productivity.
  • Fewer data entries (e.g., for your ERP or CRM) needed
  • Easy integration to move information more quickly between systems
  • Find operational information quicker and all in one place

Improve claim management & service quality

With VisionX, claims such as accidents, stolen luggages, or natural damages can be logged, visualized and access easily. Deliver cost-efficient claim management and high quality services with VisionX.
  • Digitize your claim management & customer services
  • Optimize operational costs of your claim management through automation
  • Reduce claim solution time by providing the right information

Better Digital Experiences for Your Customers

The era of mobile, web, and chatbot-powered insurance is here. Build and deliver flawless systems to provide great user experience throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Build better systems for web, mobile and chatbots more quickly
  • Easy integration and automated workflows to move information faster
  • Customer contracts, claim management, etc. – all in one place

You can really do it. We are here to support you.

Build it yourself

Use our low-code platform VisionX to build applications yourself.

We build the solutions for you

We at SIB Visions build the solutions for you. Custom made.

Team up with a VisionX partner

Work with a local VisionX partner to build the applications you need.

  • TU Darmstadt

    "We found the solution with VisionX. Their low-code development environment is simple enough to start fast, but powerful enough to create even very complex processes."

    Julian Reichle - Product Management SNOWsat

  • TU Darmstadt

    "Overall, this setup increases the impact of the research program and reduces the time required for coordination."

    Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Lambie - Profilbereich Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces Geschäftsführer

  • TU Darmstadt

    "Compared to our previous low-code platform, VisionX allows us to scale easily. Especially since VisionX offers has no limitations in end-user licenses or the number of applications"

    Gopi Shanmugam - Software Developer at Abu Dhabi Oil Company

  • D Wave System

    “We like that VisionX is a flexible solution, allowing us to have full control when we need it and, at the same time, things that are trivial work out of the box without the manual implementation of UI elements or development of an in-house UI framework.”

    Igor Pavlov - Senior Software Developer at D-Wave

Don’t wait to innovate.

With VisionX anyone can build applications