Everything to build Enterprise Application very efficient.

VisionX Low-Code Platform

Business users build application themselves

Unleash the creativity and problem-solving power of the people in your business to innovate every day.

You can do this.

Just drag & drop. No code.

With drag and drop you can design the user interface to fit your needs.

Examples of applications built with the VisionX low-code platform:
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Quoting and order processing apps
  • Asset, inventory and fleet management
  • Surveys, online forms and applications management
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • On-site maintenance service apps
  • Case, claim and ticket management systems

Automate routine tasks

Work smarter, not harder.

Here are some workflow examples you can build yourself:
  • Create approval processes that simplify your work according to your needs
  • Automatically send emails with different templates
  • Schedule tasks to send reports and event invitations on time.
  • Remind employees when tasks are approaching.
  • Perform multiple tasks with one click.
Eg. Confirm product availability, send invoices to customers, and update your inventory—all using one button.

Achieve more with Smart Bricks

Solutions for common requirements are available in flexible and easy to use components.


Here are a few examples of great smart bricks:
  • Customizable User/Role Management
  • Editing panel for typical list/detail navigations
  • Audit Log to track/revert changes
  • Single sign on for automatic log in with the Windows user.
  • Advanced Panel for Smart Responsive Containers with fields and labels.
Some are already included in VisionX low-code platform, otherscan easily be downloaded as Add Ons from our Ready Made Solutions Store. No code required.

Integrate with other systems

Stop collecting data manually from excels sheets and different systems.

Connect your IT systems with the VisionX low-code platform to fill the gap between data sources. With one source of information to track processes and data, your team can easily spot inefficiencies and make better decisions.
You can connect with:
  • Any Database – Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, …
  • Any ERPs system – SAP, Saleforce, Sharepoint, …
  • Any Saas Service – Zapier, Stripe, Trello, Jira, Asana, Slack, …
  • Any System with REST

Word, Excel and PDF Reporting

Easily design reports in Word and Excel and use the data from your application.


Easily create reports in VisionX and format them in Word or Excel. Use all the features offered by those tools thanks to templates containing placeholders that are automatically filled in with the relevant data from your application.
You can reuse existing Word and Excel templates from your business to create impressive reports including charts and formulas.
We support Word, EXCEL and PDF as output formats.

Don’t wait to innovate.

With VisionX, anyone can build applications.