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The open low-code platform

VisionX is the open low-code platform.
Build whatever you want quickly and easily with no limits and no lock-in, visually or in code, using your choice of tools.

Whether you’re building custom software for your clients or you have a standard product, your clients want to customize. We enable faster and easier development of web and mobile apps.
We are looking to collaborate with:

For product vendors

Do you have a standard software product that your users want customized? Integrate VisionX and they can do it themselves.

Trying to meet all customer demands for new features is impossible – you simply can’t make everyone happy. Customization is a resource-intensive option, and skilled developers are hard to find.

With VisionX, your customers’ business users can take care of their own customization. That way you can focus on your core product, while your users get exactly what they want when they want it.

VisionX revolutionizes the customization of software products.

For custom software developers

Do you develop custom apps for your clients, but you’re challenged to find enough experienced software engineers?

VisionX widens the pool of potential developers. You can build your own low-code development team, allowing junior developers, career changers and others to become citizen developers. All that’s needed is a logical mindset.

And development is also 2-5X faster.

With VisionX you can now deliver more solutions in less time, without hiring additional senior developers.

For resellers

Do you work with businesses that could benefit from custom software solutions?

Gartner predicts that the global low-code development industry will be worth $13.8 billion in 2023, up more than 20% from 2021.

Get your share of this market while helping your customers to get a handle on their software needs.

Add VisionX to your product portfolio and earn a fair commission for every product license.

Our partners

Together with our partners around the world, our goal is to make it easy for companies to digitalize, automate, and modernize their business processes, relying on the expertise of their own business users, without needing to hire additional developers.
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Integration partners:

vendors of standard software products

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CSD partners:

software houses developing custom apps for their clients

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Resale partners:

sales organizations who want to add to their product portfolio

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Technology partners:

technology vendors with products that fit nicely with ours

  • "With our manufacturing platform ‘cronetworld‘, we have taken the revolutionary approach of an open interface and communication layer, in order to unite all relevant software systems related to production. By now also providing our users with low code technology, we make the necessary integration and customization work faster and more efficient than ever!"

    Bernd Steinbrenner, CCO of Industrie Informatik

  • "VisionX and its Oracle Forms migration extension enable the rapid and straightforward migration of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX into web and mobile applications. What typically presents a huge challenge to companies that wish to migrate away from Oracle becomes fairly simple, and a project that can take years can be completed within months—at significantly lower cost."



    "VisionX offers an Oracle Forms migration extension, which is able to create applications based on the Oracle Forms FMB source files or the existing data model. For us at Nibble, this all means we now have a complete proposition for our customers, where we can migrate not only the database with all the data and business logic like packages but also the Oracle Forms and Reports. This approach ensures a valid business case in regards to saving on Oracle licenses and subscriptions and incurring the cost of the migration."

    Rob Sijmons, Co-founder of Nibble IT


    "By partnering up with SIB Visions, we found the perfect technology setup for developing and maintaining applications based on Postgres against a low cost of ownership."

    Michel Schöpgens, COO of Splendid Data

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