Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

Modernize Your Legacy Systems With VisionX

“With VisionX you can modernize legacy software stunningly fast, either through building a web and mobile application on top or through reusing the data model of your legacy system.” – Roland Hörmann, CEO of SIB Visions

Do you still use these legacy systems?

Oracle Forms, Access, Power Builder, Delphi, dBase, Filemaker, …

Most enterprises run on legacy systems. Do you?

While legacy systems do have many challenges and problems, there are many reasons why out-of-date software is still in use in many enterprises.
  • The software application “works just fine” and, therefore, the company sees no direct benefit in migrating it.
  • There’s a high cost in migrating an old, complex, monolithic system.
  • The way the system and the business logic were programmed is complex and/or not well documented.
  • Your legacy system is your competitive advantage. No need to change it.
  • People don’t like change.

Modernize Your Legacy System With Low-Code

When facing many challenges in running legacy systems, there’s a need in modernizing those. Modernize your legacy system to a low-code development platform.
Low-code changes the speed of your software development, which is an absolute necessity when conducting a migration project.
Low-code platforms allow you to build and maintain a modern application architecture that’s built for the future with your business and customer needs in mind.

How to Modernize Your Legacy System:

Instead of migrating your whole application in one step, there are the following three options available to modernize your tech stack.

1) Provide a REST API for Your Existing Legacy System: If you want to keep the functionality of your legacy system, connecting your new system via REST API to your existing one, this is the fastest way to get started.

2) Build a Modern Web or Mobile UI on Top of Your Legacy System: If the user experience and visual impact of your modernization project has the highest priority, this is the best way to get started. Simply build a modern (web or mobile) user interface with VisionX on top of your legacy system.

3) Reuse Your Data Model With a low-code platform: Do you have outdated modules? Do you see new business requirements on your plate? This is the best way to start your step-by-step migration project as it provides the highest ROI in the long run.

Modular and Flexible Systems Built for the Future

Migrating your legacy systems requires organizations to build a system that remains flexible while meeting the need for the future. IT teams don’t want the new system to become tomorrow’s legacy. The good news is that modernizing your legacy system with VisionX will make your migration journey seamless.

Legacy system modernization

Accelerate Your Legacy System Modernization With VisionX

VisionX will help you modernize your legacy systems, fundamentally changing how you build and maintain enterprise-grade applications.

Deliver better solutions for your users and business with a user-centric, test-and-learn approach and constant iteration towards optimal outcomes.

IT teams don’t want the new system to become tomorrow’s legacy. The good news is that modernizing your legacy system with a low-code platform will make your modernization journey seamless.