Everything to build Enterprise Application very efficient.

Visual Development

Visual development is the new way for business users and software developers to deliver web, mobile and desktop applications 2-5x faster.

Choose a screen layout, select the data and your screen is ready to go. The screen can then be modified freely in the User Interface Designer. Any layout can easily be implemented. For the data source, an existing spreadsheet, an existing database, CRUD REST services or a completely new data model can be chosen or created.

User Interface Designer

Powerful and easy to use User Interface Designer to build top-notch applications.

  • Drag & drop: Just drag and drop elements into your screen.
  • Layouts & responsive design: Smart Layouts makes it possible to position editors relative to the screen size. Automatically show labels on top or to the left of the input fields with one click. Decide during screen design if elements should wrap on smaller devices or not.
  • Smart Controls: Smart Bricks such as a predefined list/detail navigator allow you to achieve more with less work.
  • Data binding: Data bound elements and input controls make data manipulation easy. Automatic bind detection helps even more.
  • Preconfigured forms & filters: Just drag and drop a complete detail form or full text filter onto your screen with one click.

Data model
Spreadsheet, Database or CRUD REST.

Import your data from spreadsheeets, existing databases, REST services or define it in VisionX.


We use an intuitive data modeling methodology, which is easy to understand for business users, and extremely efficient for software developers. We automatically recognize data types and domains, map n:1 relations as dropdown lists and 1: relations as master/details, and we automatically generate ID columns and keys.
  • Automatic datatyp detection.
  • Dropdown list = n:1 relation
  • Master/detail = 1:n relation 
  • Smart spreadsheet import: We recognize datatypes, checkboxes and move repeating data to master data tables.
  • Clever database reverse engineering: We automatically recognize domains, dropdowns, master/details from any data model from all major SQL databases.
  • Efficient CRUD REST: Use out of the box REST service easily as a database table. We mapped the relevant REST service to a CRUD REST service.

VisionX Action Editor

210+ actions to add functionality to your applications


We provide a huge library of built-in actions, such as sending emails or getting approvals, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With a total of more than 210 actions, business users can add functionality and logic to their applications without writing code.
  • Conditions: has role, <=, >=, ==, …
  • Loops: Iterate through your data to perform calculations.
  • 210+ functions: Data manipulation, pass parameters to screens, calc and group functions and many more
  • Easy parameter selection Visual entry helpers are available for selecting action parameters, making them easy to use.
  • Search and categories: This includes action categories, an intuitive action search function and action documentation.
VisionX includes a complete workflow engine for automating business processes such as approval workflows.
Workflows are always persisted and are the ideal solution for long or complex business processes with delayed triggers.


Achieve more with Smart Bricks

Solutions for common requirements are available in flexible and easy to use components.


Here are a few examples of great smart bricks:
  • Customizable User/Role Management
  • Editing panel for typical list/detail navigations
  • Audit Log to track/revert changes
  • Single sign on for automatic log in with the Windows user.
  • Advanced Panel for Smart Responsive Containers with fields and labels.
Some of these Smart Bricks are already included in VisionX, others can easily be downloaded as add-ons from our Ready-Made Solutions Store.

Develop Beautiful User Interfaces

Deliver a great user experience across all UI platforms.


  • Application Layouts: Choose from different application layouts. Corporate back office style, modern front end or custom designs.
  • Themes: Switch between Web, back office and mobile themes and adjust them to your needs.
  • CSS Templates: Templates with 40+ predefined parameters and beautiful out of the box UI designs.

Word, Excel and PDF Reporting

Easily design reports in Word and Excel and use the data from your application.


Easily create reports in VisionX and format them in Word or Excel. Use all the features offered by those tools thanks to templates containing placeholders that are automatically filled in with the relevant data from your application.
You can reuse existing Word and Excel templates from your business to create impressive reports including charts and formulas.
We support Word, EXCEL and PDF as output formats.

Don’t wait to innovate.

With VisionX, anyone can build applications.