Everything to build Enterprise Application very efficient.

Open Platform

VisionX is an open low-code platform that fits into any enterprise environment.

VisionX applications can be run in any cloud, on premise, as containers or in VMs. Integration with your SSO, any versioning system, and all CI/CD pipelines is also provided. VisionX applications connects with all major databases or other systems via easy to use CRUD REST services.
While you develop visually with VisionX, a Java application is generated on your computer in real time, using only open source libraries. This application can be edit and extend in any Java IDE. Even more, VisionX allows you to develop visually and make code-level changes in Eclipse while always keeping the two in sync.

Any infrastructure

VisionX applications can be run in any cloud, on premise, as containers or in VMs.

This includes both Windows and Linux systems. As well as Docker containers or Kubernetes clusters. Due to the scalable system architecture of VisionX applications, even the largest enterprise systems can be successfully implemented and operated.
VisionX applications run in any Java application server with
Open JDK 8>= or Oracle JDK 8>=.

Any UI Platform.
Web, Desktop and native Mobile

Every VisionX application runs – without modification – on every device. With the same source code.

  • UI platform independent: You can switch between Web, Desktop and mobile without changing the UI source code or any aspect of the screens.
  • UI Framework independent: No matter which web or mobile framework dominates the market in the future, we will support it. Simply switch to the next UI Framework.
  • Flutter Mobile: For native mobile Android and iOS apps we use Googles Flutter mobile framework. We have only one soure code for all mobile devices.
  • Vaadin: We use the Vaadin framework for your Web UI. Very powerful with rich controls.
  • React: Starting in 2021 we will support the React framework for Web applications the most used Web UI framework worldwide.

UI Platform extensions
Java, Javascript, Typescript, Dart.

The UI can be changed platform independently or in the specific technology at code level.

  • Generic UI Layer: You can add, change and extend generic UI elements in Java.
  • Technology specific UI Layer: You can add, change and extend the UI at the respective technology, e.g. with Dart code using the Flutter mobile Framework. Or you can go even to the lowest level with Objective C in iOS or Java in Android.

Only Open Source Frameworks.

VisionX applications only use Open Source Frameworks, you own the code, and it can be changed in any Java IDE.

Any Version Control System.
Any CI / CD.

VisionX generates a complete Java project in a local directory.
You can therefore continue to use all the usual versioning and CI/CD tools.


Since all source code, resources, libraries and other files of the project are located in a local directory on your computer, you can easily continue to use all typical development tools.
  • Versioning: Git, SVN, …You can use Git, SVN or any other version control system.
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Bamboo, …You can use Jenkins, Bamboo or any other Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tool.

Any Authentication

VisionX applications easily integrate with your existing identity management system.


Easily integrate your applications with Windows Active Directory, IBM SAM server or any other authentication or identity management system.
The authentication in VisionX applications can easily be customzied by  implementing the authentication method yourself with a few lines of code.

Extend VisionX with Add-Ons

Achieve more with add-ons for common requirements in flexible and easy to use components.


Here are a few examples of great add-ons:
  • Single Sign On for automatic log in with the Windows user.
  • Audit log to track/revert changes
  • Query editor
  • CRUD REST Integration
  • Workflow engine and designer
  • Application monitoring

VisionX is 100% customizable

Easily add new UI elements, VisionX actions, screen templates and add-ons.


visionx Customize
Extend VisionX generally or only in your specific project.
The following areas can be expanded flexibly:
  • UI elements: Simply add the desired UI elements with the designer.xml.
  • VisionX actions: Just define the Java code for generating and parsing in one line in the actions.xml file for your new VisionX actions.
  • Screen layouts/templates: Add your own screen templates to easily create many screens in the same layout.
  • Add-ons: Put all your customizations in modules and add-on for easy extending.

Application Monitoring

Keep track of all your application’s performance indicators and solve issues in time.


The VisionX application monitoring tool allows you to keep an eye on your applications at all times. All aspects at the database and application levels are logged in detail and performance bottlenecks are shown.
The following information can be displayed in dashboard form and in detail down to the individual activity:
  • Memory usage
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Slow SQL statements, SQL statements that are executed frequently
  • SQL statements with exact query parameters, user who executed it and execution speed
  • Filter over all actions according to various criteria e.g. by screen, user, what exactly did the user do at 10:41.

Don’t wait to innovate.

With VisionX, anyone can build applications.