Everything to build Enterprise Application very efficient.

No Limits.
100% Independent.

VisionX applications only use Open Source Frameworks, you own the code, and it can be changed in any Java IDE.

VisionX is the only low-code platform that keeps you vendor independent. We live openness and Open Source to 100%. You can build any application and you can change any aspect of the application at the code level.
Even more, VisionX allows you to develop visually and make code-level changes in Eclipse while keeping the two in sync.

100% Independent

VisionX applications only use Open Source Frameworks, You own the code, and can be changed in any Java IDE. That keeps you 100% vendor independent!

No Limits

While you develop the application visually with VisionX, a Java application is generated on your computer in real time, using only open source libraries. You can edit and extend it flexibly in any Java IDE.

Only Open Source Libraries

VisionX applications uses only Open Source Frameworks and you can add any library that is needed.

You own the app code

You own the VisionX generated source code, which is always available on your local machine.  That’s real independence.

We generate code - No model interpreter!

This means execution speed and flexibility

Add any code or library you need

That’s unlimited flexiblity to solve any business requirement.

Interface based API

You can adjust any detail the way you need it. You can provide alternative interface implementations or override and change functionality specifically or globally.

No runtime licensing

We have absolutely no runtime licensing. You can build as many applications for as many users as you like.

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