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Eclipse Live Sync

VisionX allows you to develop visually and make code-level changes in Eclipse while always keeping the two in sync.

VisionX is the only platform that allows you to develop visually and make code-level changes in Eclipse while keeping both in sync. You can change a UI element in VisionX and the code immediately adjusts. Or you edit the code and you immediately see the change in VisionX.
Even more, the VisionX Eclipse  Plugin has auto-complete funcionality for binding data elements, adding actions or navigating to the right code, when you select an item in VisionX.

Revolutionary code generation and parsing

Only changes are generated!

We do not regenerate the entire file and overwrite manual changes.
Only the relevant code changes are generated.

Any Java code can be added at any position

Just make sure that no logic enters the user interface initialization function. Any logic in this function is ignored. Everything else can be edited freely.

Any other code remains untouched!

Therefore, manual comments, blank lines and code pieces remain as they were.

Visual Actions sync

All functions created in the VisionX Action Editor are generated as Java code. This code can also be modified and is synchronized back in real time. It is even possible to add any correct Java code. VisionX recognizes this custom code and leaves it untouched when further changes are made in the VisionX ActionEditor.

VisionX & Eclipse Live Sync

VisionX & Eclipse Live Sync

2 min.

See revolutionary code generation and parsing live!

Visual navigation and auto complete functionality

Visual selection automatically navigates to the code


Highlighting the code automatically navigates to the visual element


Auto complete and check data references

The Eclipse PlugIn checks tables/queries references against the database in real time. Of course, the columns of the tables/queries can be easily selected via the auto-complete function.

Live Sync

VisionX generates the code in a few seconds. The code changes in Eclipse are parsed in a few seconds and displayed if visually relevant.

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