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Build in VisionX. Code in Eclipse.
In Real Time.

eclipse plugin visionx

Real-Time Collaboration With Eclipse & VisionX, Fast

Your Eclipse IDE and VisionX work perfectly well together. With the VisionX plugin for Eclipse, VisionX can interact directly with your Java IDE for certain actions triggered by you or automatically.
You can make the changes either visually or directly in the Java code. VisionX only changes the relevant Java code, it doesn’t rewrite the complete source code. It keeps your comments, line feeds, and code!

Build Applications in VisionX

The revolutionary VisionX designer allows you to create Java screens. This includes various GUI elements and features, a layout manager, data binding, validators, and filters.
In addition to the GUI design, events and actions can be created and edited visually. Data binding, master/detail relationships, automatic and manual selection lists, and many other features are supported. Even the data model can be edited or expanded in real time. Any changes are made to the Java code and the data model immediately.

Easy-To-Use for Everybody

Anybody can visually develop applications, create, or change data models and the business logic. No coding needed!

UI, Data Model & Business Logic

VisionX offers a great user experience to non-developers, enabling them to create and change the user interface, the data model, and the business logic.

Live Preview

All changes made in the visual designer will immediately be displayed in the live preview of the application.

VisionX Eclipse plugin download
Eclipse Plugin

Code in Your Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse integration ensures that VisionX and your Eclipse IDE stay in sync. All Java code changes are immediately visible in your Eclipse IDE and in VisionX.
Through live synchronization between your visual interface inside VisionX and your code base inside Eclipse, you can view code changes in real time when changing visual elements.

Your Eclipse IDE & VisionX – Always in Sync.

Everything you change in VisionX will be automatically changed in the Java code or in the data model in the database. VisionX does not use a meta model, so the Java code and the data model are generated in seconds.
When editing code in Eclipse, you can view the currently edited component in VisionX as well. Just use the VisionX context menu in Eclipse, and you can view the visual design changes inside VisionX.

Get VisionX for Your Eclipse IDE

Join the new way of Java application development and enhance your Eclipse IDE today.
For Eclipse we provide an EPlug. This is a plugin that enables the efficient usage VisionX features in Eclipse. With this plugin we facilitate the daily work of Java developers and support that they are able to write quality software.
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