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Digital Transformation With Speed

VisionX will help you integrate technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers.
Deliver better solutions for your users and business with an interactive, user-centric, test-and-learn approach and constant iteration toward optimal outcomes.
Understand your customers’ requirements – create a prototype – conduct user testing – and refine.
Your way towards a production-ready application.
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Digital Transformation City

Legacy System Modernization

VisionX helps you transform, migrate, and modernize your old legacy systems into modern web and mobile applications within months instead of years.
Low-code platforms allow you to build and maintain a modern application architecture that’s built for the future with your business and customer needs in mind.
In addition, VisionX provides an Oracle Forms Migration Extension and in-depth know-how to modernize efficiently.


Low-Code With Zero Lock-In!

Applications developed with VisionX only use Java open-source frameworks and can be edited in any Java development tool.
What’s more, you can either change the application visually in VisionX or the code in Eclipse and at the same time on your local machine.
Stay 100% independent!
fast development with the low-code platform from VisionX
Web Desktop Mobile Apps

Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications

VisionX is the only low-code platform that allows you to create web, mobile, and desktop applications with the same UI source.
You can simply switch between UI technologies without changing the UI source code.

Applications built with VisionX

Low code example: Taxi mobile app

Taxi booking:

is a taxi booking Web and mobile application for a Viennese Taxi Agency. A local alternative to uber.

Pension insurance web portal

Pension insurance web portal:

enables the members (=doctors) of the NAEV to view their pension information and perform services online or mobile.

Training Course ERP

Training Course ERP:

is a Desktop Application to plan, manage, and invoice training courses in training centers with over 10.000 unemployed participants per year.

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