Everything to build Enterprise Application very efficient.

Your Low-Code Features:

Everything to build change deploy manage

enterprise applications efficiently.

Build Applications Fast

VisionX is built to create web, mobile and desktop applications as quickly and efficiently as possible, be it a ten-screen issue tracking system, a 500-screen back office system or a mobile order app.

Visual Development

The easy-to-use visual designer allows users, project managers and developers to create applications that solve their business needs.

Powerful Business Features

VisionX provides powerful ready-to-use UI components, modules and add-ons for standard user requirements.

Template-Based Screen Generation

Screens will be generated based on completely customizable templates, layouts and data models.
That all speeds up the development!

Visual Development

The visual designer is easy to use for everybody. So key business users, requirement engineers, project managers and developers can create their own applications for desktop, web, and mobile.

Easy-To-Use for Everybody

The visual designer is designed in such a way that anybody can visually set UI properties, create or change data models and the business logic. No coding is needed!

UI, Data Model & Business Logic

VisionX offers a great user experience to non-technicians enabling them to create and change the user interface, the data model and the business logic.

Live Preview

All changes made in the visual designer will immediately be displayed in the live preview of the application.

Visual development with VisionX as your low-code platform
open source low-code platform

100% Java Open Source

VisionX applications use only Java open source frameworks and libraries under the Apache 2.0 license or compatible. So there is absolutely no vendor lock-in and everything can be customized and extended to your needs.
Add any other Java library or framework!

Web, Desktop and Mobile Applications

VisionX is the only low-code platform that makes it possible to create web, desktop and mobile applications on a Java open source stack without any lock-in.  You can also switch between GUI technologies without changing the UI source code.
In the future, simply switch to the next UI Framework.
Web Desktop Mobile Apps

VisionX & Eclipse always sync

Everything you change in VisionX will be automatically changed in the Java code or in the data model in the database.We do not use a meta model, so the Java code and the data model are generated in seconds.

VisionX -> Java Code

Change the UI in VisionX and the Java source code changes in real time in Eclipse. Select the UI element in VisionX and the relevant line of source code will immediately be highlighted in Eclipse.

Java Code -> VisionX

Add a new UI element in Eclipse with some properties in Java code and the UI in VisionX changes in real time. Highlight the UI member variable in Eclipse and that UI element will be selected in the VisionX designer.

Design in VisionX & Code in Eclipse

You can make the changes either visually or directly in the Java code. VisionX only changes the relevant Java code, it doesn’t rewrite the complete source code. It keeps your comments, line feeds and code!

Design workflows to automate your work

VisionX – as your low code development platform – allows you to create custom workflows for your business needs.
Within the Workflow designer, you can create and manage all your business workflows, from project management to logistic tasks to human resources processes (such as vacation requests).
Enterprise Features

Enterprise Features

VisionX has all advanced features for enterprise applicationsalready on board. You can start small with some users and scale fast to thousands of concurrent users in an high availability environment. Feature overview:
  • Client, user & role management
  • User specific profiles & filters
  • Multi-languages support
  • Database transactions
  • Support for all major databases
  • App performance monitoring
  • Login/menu/navigation
  • Flexible authentication
  • Connection pooling
  • Unlimited scalability
  • High availability
  • Automatic GUI testing

Cloud or On-Premise Deployment

Deploy your application on any server environment. View all of our supported technologies.


Choose any cloud platform and deploy the application on any Java application server and in all major databases.
Apache Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Wildfly, GlassFish, …
Oracle, My SQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL

On Premise

Deploy the application to your server infrastructure on site.


Or just copy our application installation package to your file share and provide it to your users as a desktop client/server application.

VisionX works great with the Cloud and On-premise
visionx Customize

100% Customizable

All features of a VisionX application can be modified, either in VisionX directly or in any Java development tool such as Eclipse.Even VisionX itself can be customized so it remains flexible and efficient.

Edit in VisionX or any Java IDE

Change the UI, data model or business logic visually in VisionX or change the Java code using any Java IDE

Change everything globally

All the functionality is provided through Java libraries and frameworks and is defined through Java interfaces, so you can make your own implementations and change or extend existing classes. To put it simply, everything can be changed either globally or locally in your applications and screens.

Customize VisionX

VisionX itself can be changed. You can define screen templates, customize how screen layouts are automatically generated, add new UI controls, add custom actions, create new modules such as a new user reporting module and add them to an existing application and lots more.

No Runtime Fees!

VisionX is licensed per developer based on the options, modules and add-ons used. We charge no runtime fees. You can build as many applications and for as many users as you like.
No Runtime Fees

Format Reports in Word & Excel

Create reports easily in VisionX and format them in Word or Excel using all the features offered by those tools thanks to the Word and Excel templates containing placeholders that are automatically filled in with the relevant data during runtime. You can reuse existing Word and Excel templates from your business to create impressive reports including charts and formulas.

Start building your application today!