11 European Tech Conferences Every CIO should know

11 European Tech Conferences Every CIO should know
Roland Hörmann
European Tech Conferences for CIOs

So many tech conferences, but so little time.

With the ever-increasing conference offers throughout Europe, it becomes a real challenge to stay on top of the game on which conferences are worth attending.

Maybe you’re looking to stay on top of upcoming trends in your industry, or get to glimpse on what your customers are excited about. Or maybe you’re actively networking for partners, customers, suppliers, and other business relationships.

Regardless of your intent, there’s never a bad reason to get out of the office for a couple of days to expand your expertise and network.

In order to get the most out of conferences season, we’ve put together this list of conferences, and other great resources that will help you choose the right conferences for you.

Last but not least, 2 disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1: This list is specifically targeted towards CIOs. Meaning: If you’re not a CIO, this list might not fully comply with your professional and personal interests

Disclaimer 2: We are a European company, working out of Vienna, Austria. Therefore, our expertise – when it comes to conferences – is 100% Europe-based.

The best IT conferences in Europe

As mentioned in the intro, this list is specifically targeted towards CIOs. If you are a developer, software architect or simply interested in attending a tech conference, we highly recommend this curation by IT Conference Top, including a great list of IT conferences in Europe.

Top IT conferences


Gartner IT Symposium

Gartner – well known as a business analyst – is hosting its European IT Symposium in Barcelona, Spain. From November 3rd to 7th, CIOs and other IT leaders can gather at the IT Symposium to discuss and exchange knowledge around the topics of business strategy, digital leadership, and technology.

Gartner IT Symposium



From November 26th to 27th, 700+ CIOs and IT directors will meet in Amsterdam for the 15th edition of the CIODAY.

While this event is definitely not the biggest one in our industry, the size itself sets a great stage for informal exchange between IT leaders, rather than a buzzword-filled event.



JAX London & W-JAX

For of all us working in the Java space, this one is probably on our list for a while now as it’s known for being the Java conference.
While JAX London, UK is going to take place from October 7th to 10th, W-JAX happens a month later, from November 4th to 8th in Munich, Germany.

Jax London




As this is a true developer conference (from developers, for developers), it might not be the best fit for all CIOs out there. However, we truly recommend the Devoxx events as it’s been famous for its great content.

Topics covered at the various Devoxx events throughout Europe include: Java, Cloud, Big Data, Web, Programming Languages, Architecture and much more.

devoxx conferences


Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit is a 2-day tech conference that is covering emerging tech trends and exploring a myriad of themes and topics – from diversity in tech to software development to startups.

Definitely, a great conference for CIOs to get inspired and exchange knowledge with other industry-leading experts.

Dublin Tech Summit


CISO Summit Europe

Another small, but interesting event will take place from September 23rd to 25th in Barcelona, Spain.

We’ve to admit that we haven’t had the chance to be there, however, it is covering some great topics around security, digital transformation and much more.

ciso summit


The Future Code

Taking place from June 23rd to 24th in Würzburg, Germany this event is all about digital transformation. The event itself is not only for CIOs and IT leaders but also addresses business executives who want to gather ideas on how to transform their organizations.

One big disclaimer though: The event is in German.

The Future Code Conference


Global Software Architecture Summit

There seems to be something special about this city. As more and more event organizers are hosting their conferences in the city of Barcelona, it’s not too surprising that there’s another event taking place there.

On October 10th, software architects and IT leaders will gather in Barcelona to discuss how to build robust and scalable software.

GSAS conference


IDC CIO Summit

The IDC CIO Summit is an event series specifically designed for CIOs to exchange and discuss technology- and business-related topics. The Summit takes place in various events throughout Europe, Africa, and East Asia. Upcoming events in Europe take place in Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague, and others.

idc conference


AWS re:invent, Oracle Code, Google IO

Depending on your cloud infrastructure stack, we highly recommend to check out the particular events from each cloud provider. While AWS hosts it’s re:invent conference every year in Las Vegas, US, you can find a variety of AWS summits spread across Europe, too.

And while Google IO is hosted in the US, too, you can find an Oracle code events in Europe. Cities and dates for Oracle Code 2020 haven’t been yet announced, however, last years events took place in Berlin and Rome.

Oracle Code One




Techorama – also more on the developer-side of conferences – is a great community-driven conference from Belgium. While the 2019 conference is already over, we highly recommend bookmarking your calendar for May 25th to 27th, when the conference will be held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Techorama conference


Over to you: Which conference will you attend?

There are plenty of events, and 2019/2020 already looks like it will be an incredible year for CIOs. With events for every area of the industry, this list hopefully includes something for everyone. We will keep this article updated as more events are confirmed.

Now, over to you: What conferences are you visiting in the next few months? Let us know in the comment section below.


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