IT skills shortage: Low code development as an answer

IT skills shortage: Low code development as an answer
Roland Hörmann
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Vienna, February 1st 2019 – Better use of resources, time savings, low application complexity: the use of low code development helps companies to make their software development more efficient and to achieve their goals, especially in times of a severe shortage of skilled workers. The Viennese product manufacturer

SIB Visions has developed the platform VisionX that offers serious competition to international tech giants such as Mendix, Dell, Zoho and Outsystems.

Hardly any other topic dominates the discourse about the IT industry like its lack of specialists. Especially in first world countries, there is a real battle for the best talents – a development that affects large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.

At present, software development in most companies is too slow to meet the complex in-house requirements and those of external customers in the digitized market. One effect of digital transformation is that customers and internal departments are increasingly expecting immediate results and direct benefits, creating a major dilemma for more and more companies in their digital development. In order to get development performance, the activities must be de facto outsourced (where developers are still available), which can lead to the usual quality problems (developers are at best below average), communication problems through language and cultural problems. Not all countries have the same work attitude and motivation as the western world. Especially if they are paid below average and take the first opportunity to move to the western world. Ultimately, all these decisions are also a question of the use of human resources, because, in today’s labor market, good developers are in short supply.

Companies are coming under increasing pressure to meet their customers’ needs quickly and easily and to survive in a fast-paced market.

The use of low-code software is an approach to solving this problem, as it enables the rapid implementation of web, desktop and mobile applications with much less technical know-how and therefore requires fewer software developers. This does not mean, however, that with low code development platforms enterprise applications can be created without any programmers, but rather that now key users from the specialist area, together with requirements engineers, business consultants and developers, jointly create/develop your digital solution.

With VisionX, the Viennese software company SIB Visions has developed a low-code platform that is capable of developing entire applications using a visual editor, which can be easily integrated into existing systems and the code can even be changed in any Java development tool (e.g. Eclipse).

True to the motto “simplify IT business” the low code platform helps companies to create modern web applications, mobile apps for their customers as well as back-office solutions to optimize internal processes. SIB Visions’ customers currently include high-caliber customers from industries such as the automotive and manufacturing industries, the energy sector and government institutions.

VisionX is the only low code platform that can be used to create mobile, web and desktop applications that exclusively use Java Open Source frameworks and therefore generate no vendor lock-in. Furthermore, VisionX already has many typical enterprise features on board to create complex enterprise applications with thousands of concurrent users and billions of data sets. These features put VisionX in line with international tech giants such as Mendix, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Zoho, OutSystems and Salesforce.

While other companies often spend months looking for the right person, using VisionX gives them the edge. At a time when agility and adaptability to a fast-paced market are the key to a company’s success or failure, every company should quickly start looking at how they can make their software development more efficient,” said Roland Hörmann, CEO of SIB Visions.

Low code platforms not only help companies to make their software development more efficient, they also offer them the opportunity to create high-quality applications that are in demand by the market and that can be implemented with a reduced number of IT specialists – and have thus found a promising way to keep up with current developments.

About SIB Visions

SIB Visions was founded in 2008 by Roland Hörmann (CEO), René Jahn (R&D), Martin Handsteiner (CTO) and is a product manufacturer of the low code development platform VisionX and an IT service provider. SIB Visions currently employs 20 people in Vienna. VisionX is a low-code platform for creating web, desktop and mobile applications very efficiently and visually. VisionX combines the simplicity of low-code with the unlimited possibilities of Java, whereby the applications created exclusively use Java Open Source Frameworks and therefore no vendor lock-in is created. True to the motto “simplify IT business”, SIB Visions pursues the vision that there is always an easier way to design IT systems efficiently.


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