MES provider relies on advantages of low code platform: Strategic partnership between Industrie Informatik & SIB Visions

MES provider relies on advantages of low code platform: Strategic partnership between Industrie Informatik & SIB Visions
Roland Hörmann, CEO of SIB Visions & Bernd Steinbrenner, CCO of Industrie Informatik

One of the leading MES manufacturers in the German-speaking region, Industrie Informatik GmbH, is entering into a strategic partnership with SIB Visions, creator of an innovative low code development platform. In this way, the software company is signaling its commitment to the individuality and flexibility of its own products.

Modern manufacturing is extremely dynamic, and this is also reflected in its system landscapes. In order to maintain a competitive edge today, software solutions are needed that can keep up with this pace and secure the path to the Smart Factory. By bringing SIB Visions on board, Industrie Informatik GmbH has now gained a partner who is dedicated to meeting these speed and efficiency challenges with its highly flexible, open low code platform ‘VisionX’.

In the future, new requirements for software systems will be able to be implemented quickly and independently through visual development in ‘VisionX’, without the need for hard programming, thus ensuring a massively shortened Time2Solution. Industrie Informatik CCO Bernd Steinbrenner commented, “With our manufacturing platform ‘cronetworld‘, we have taken the revolutionary approach of an open interface and communication layer, in order to unite all relevant software systems related to production. By now also providing our users with low code technology, we make the necessary integration and customization work faster and more efficient than ever!” Industrie Informatik is convinced of the performance of ‘VisionX’, as even ‘cronetworld’ itself is based on this low code technology.

SIB Visions CEO Roland Hörmann sees a clear leap in efficiency for the users of his software: “Production companies are constantly working to get the maximum value out of their production. Process optimization often represents the decisive advantage here, and this is usually associated with software adaptations. And this is exactly where we pull the lever with our ‘VisionX’.”

The multi-year collaboration between Industrie Informatik and SIB Visions is now culminating in a strategic solution partnership that supports an agile project approach on the customer’s side and thus makes an important contribution to the digital factory of tomorrow.


Industrie Informatik GmbH – More than a software provider

As an internationally oriented software company with headquarters in Linz/Upper Austria, Industrie Informatik has been supporting manufacturing companies to optimize their production processes for almost 30 years. They create the basis for efficient production and a successful future for their customers.

With their software products for the digitalization of manufacturing, companies gain a new form of transparency and thus create the basis for further optimization measures – taking into account the entire value chain!

To further consolidate their status as a technology leader, they continuously invest in the further development of their software and deliver an annual release to their customers. In this way, they create the conditions that enable cronetwork users to follow the evolutionary path of Industry 4.0 together with Industrie Informatik.



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