SIB Visions partners with EDB to streamline migration from Oracle Forms and APEX

SIB Visions partners with EDB to streamline migration from Oracle Forms and APEX
SIB Visions partners with EDB to streamline migration from Oracle Forms and APEX

Why do birds migrate? They want richer food sources and better conditions to nest, breed and raise their young. Ultimately, it all comes down to the desire to survive for another generation. And while seeing survival as the primary reason enterprises are migrating away from Oracle may seem a little far fetched, we think the analogy fits – they want to benefit from more choice, have fewer restrictions and enjoy more flexibility. In order to continue running a successful business.

More and more enterprises are moving away from Oracle, and PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source database system, is the ideal destination. Migration, however, can prove to be a challenge if you don’t have the necessary support. But if you partner with the Massachusetts-based software company EDB, you don’t need to worry about that.

As self-proclaimed Postgres fanatics, the team at EDB has contributed significantly to PostgreSQL, and has helped over a thousand customers to migrate away from Oracle. They provide migration tools and services to simplify Oracle-to-Postgres database migration, which can otherwise be a very complex and time-consuming task.

Our partnership with EDB ensures that moving a database and its associated applications away from Oracle is as efficient as possible: EDB’s migration tools support the migration of your database while our low-code platform, VisionX, provides an easy path to migrate your applications.


Migration – fast and seamless

VisionX and its Oracle Forms migration extension enables the rapid and straightforward migration of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX into web and mobile applications. What typically presents a huge challenge to companies that wish to migrate away from Oracle becomes fairly simple, and a project that can take years is typically completed within months – at significantly lower cost. Oracle Forms applications can be migrated using the FMB file (i.e., the Oracle Forms source code) or using the data model, while Oracle APEX can be migrated using the data model. This makes it much easier for EDB to serve customers who use either Oracle Forms or Oracle APEX.

In VisionX, you can visually build web and mobile applications that use an EDB Postgres instance as a data source, which means that apps can be quickly developed to connect to the database. This has two benefits: migrating or rebuilding existing applications built in any technology and creating new ones to enable additional functionalities. These apps can then be easily updated, modified and extended. The standard Java code that visual development generates can be modified in any Java integrated development environment and run in any cloud or on-premises environment – independent of VisionX. Changes made outside of VisionX in Eclipse are synced in real time to the visual development environment, enabling fast and easy development of even complex applications, with absolutely no limits.


Find out more

To learn more details, visit the EDB GlobalConnect Technology partner page for SIB Visions and the integration documentation. For more information on EDB software, services, and support, visit their website.


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