VisionX 5.6.2016 is available

VisionX 5.6.2016 is available
VisionX 5.6.2016 released

We’re happy to announce that the latest version of VisionX, 5.6.2016, is now available!

It’s an update of 5.6.925 with bug fixes, but also has some new features.

Dependent combo boxes

With VisionX 5.6.2016 it’s possible to define dependent combo boxes (drop-down lists). This means that the list of options shown can be restricted.

Database merge

In this update we’ve also provided a new database merge feature to make database installation and update easier. With it, you can now merge the database structure (currently no data support) during database installation. Instead of creating a new database, you now have the option to simply upgrade your production database. It is usually very difficult to merge data structures automatically.

In addition, our new CSV Import Add-On enables the merging of data between systems, or simply to quickly import data from an existing Excel file. This feature requires the purchase of an additional add-on.

Currently, if you export data from a table, a CSV will be generated with visible columns and labels. It’s not possible to remove a column or to change the separator. To offer those and other  options, we have a new feature with a powerful import dialog:

New CSV import option

The dialog supports retry on errors and a live preview of imported data.

A new export dialog makes it possible to show or save the export data. You can also use column names as labels.

New CSV export


Open-source charts and gauges

For charts we have been using Vaadin charts. We now also support the open-source library chartJS. You can use this feature by enabling it manually.

Since we didn’t find advanced gauges for our new reactUI in any React libraries, we developed our own based on chartJS. They are SVG-based and will work in any Javascript environment. The project is available on github.

The following new gauges are included:

Example code is available here.

Cloud PDF converter

It’s now possible to use our cloud PDF converter service in case you aren’t using your own in-house service. Our service is optional and not part of VisionX. It’s a perfect match if you use our VisionX Cloud and require PDF documents.

Preview of new React web UI

We will provide full support of the React framework next year, but meanwhile a preview of our new web UI (reactUI) is updated and can be used in your projects. When you start a project in VisionX, under “web application in browser” you can now choose between “standard” (Vaadin) and “next generation” (React).

Simple HTML editor for labels

We now offer a simple HTML editor for labels.

VisionX Simple HTML Editor

The HTML editor is available as a customizer for labels and buttons. It supports you with colors, font (bold, underline, …) and alignment. It’s possible to work with HTML code or to use the visual editing mode.

New TAG editor control

This release also introduces a new control: TAG editor.

The TAG editor shows a list of keywords as separate panels with a small remove button, like this one:

VisionX TAG editor

The editor has different options. It can display the input field before or after the tag list, as the first or last element in the list, but you can also  choose from a list of known tags and optionally extend the list of known tags.

The TAG editor stores all keywords with a specific delimiter, e.g. a semicolon. The control will work with every text column without any changes.

Assignment controls

We have some helpful new controls for you and your applications, which we refer to as assignment controls.

An assignment control can be used to solve a specific problem: Imagine you have a user and roles in your application. Every user can have multiple roles, and in order to assign a role to a user, you need, for example, a table control. Each record in the table is a valid role assignment, and you need to have a combo box with all available roles to fill the table.

We improved the user friendliness of this standard functionality with better controls.

Here are some impressions:

VisionX assignment controls checkbox1

Simple assignment

VisionX assignment controls choose

Choose item






VisionX assignment controls boxes

Shuffle box

VisionX assignment controls matrix









With the above controls you have a better user experience and the Matrix table is perfect for a fast overview.


The new release is available for all our customers in your download area, or you can register for a trial version.



…and one more thing: VisionX Early Access program

We build VisionX automatically every week, and as of now we no longer restrict access to the “early access” versions of VisionX. Most versions will be available via the early access program, though some may be excluded.

Starting today, all our customers have an early access folder in their download area and they can use the latest early access version of VisionX. Both the latest release version and the latest early access version will be available.

Don’t wait for the next release, update to one of our early access versions. The current early access version number is 5.6.2018.

Despite our high quality standards, you might experience some problems. Contact us if you do, but please note that early access versions don’t have the same support conditions. Only release versions are covered under support contracts.


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