VisionX 5.6 second bugfix update release

VisionX 5.6 second bugfix update release
VisionX 5.6 Second Bugfix Update

Our developers keep working to deliver a constantly improving product. Although exciting new features tend to hog the spotlight, of course the little things matter too. We recently released VisionX 5.6.925. It’s a bugfix version with smaller changes:

Word wrap labels:
It’s now easy to use word-wrap labels. Simply use <html>test<html>

Web layout:
We fixed various problems in our web layouts. Some number editors had the wrong size after changing the value. It’s not also possible to use html editors with undefined height. The height is calculated automatically.

Action editor:
We fixed a freeze problem with our action editor.

Custom css:
CSS changes are saved immediately after first change. This was sometimes not possible.

Record counter component:
We introduced a new component that shows the current number of records.

Better DB2 support:
We now show all available tables and views.

General bugfixes:
The release contains updates for some OpenSource frameworks like JVx and VaadinUI. It has lots of smaller bugfixes under the hood.

Simply get VisionX from your download area or register for a trial version.


Have a bug of your own to report? Don’t forget our built-in video screen capture. It makes bug reporting a breeze!


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