VisionX 5.7’s out for summer!

VisionX 5.7’s out for summer!
VisionX 5.7's out for summer!

“No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks,” Alice Cooper sings in his signature song School’s Out. And while school may be out for summer, we worked hard to finish VisionX 5.7.11 in time before your well-deserved vacation. So check out the great new features before you head off to a mountain chalet, a sunny beach or your aunt’s house in the country.

You’ll find that it’s a big update with many highlights.


Facelift: no more 3D

Many of you will appreciate our new look. We’ve been wanting to give VisionX a facelift for a while now, and as you can see, we said goodbye to the old 3D style and replaced it with a more modern, flat design:


VisionX-new-application      VisionX-new-look-2


EDB support: no more closed source DB

As we are big believers in open source technologies, we made sure from the very beginning that VisionX supported PostgreSQL out of the box – in addition to nearly every other major database technology, from Oracle to MS-SQL to SAP/HANA. Thanks to our new partnership with EnterpriseDB, we now also support EDB PostgreSQL, allowing you to use specific EDB features.


Updated documentation: no more hunting

At long last we’ve completely redone our documentation, updating the content as well as the structure. It took a lot of effort rewriting everything from scratch, but the new documentation makes it much easier to find the information you need so you can focus on building amazing apps.

Not only that, but we’ve added two new buttons to the window title with links to documentation and tutorial videos. Happy learning!


Full support of React

With full support of the React framework, the next generation web user interface is now available. Using React is sometimes easier in case of customization or if you plan to integrate an application into existing portals. However, this does NOT mean no more Vaadin UI! The many Vaadin applications and users in the VisionX community can rest easy, because we will keep supporting Vaadin as long as possible.


Updated AddOns

We’ve made requested improvements to several of our add-ons:

  • Cloud: enables better handling of large data volumes
  • Profiles: several detailed improvements
  • Workflow: also a number of small enhancements
  • REST: resolves many special cases of specific REST services

Note: Because of important updates of Cloud AddOn, old VisionX installations with the old Cloud AddOn won’t work without an update to VisionX 5.7.11 and the new Cloud AddOn. So, if you use Cloud AddOn, update to VisionX 5.7.11 as soon as possible.


And much more

But wait, that’s not all. The new release includes many more improvements, including:

  • Filter master/detail with detail fields: It’s now possible to search in a detail table and show all master records which contain found records.
  • Function/Procedure support for PostgreSQL DB: Simply call a DB function or procedure directly.
  • Hide screens: The menu configuration now shows a special group for hidden screens. Simply move a screen to this group to hide a screen.
  • Chart enhancements: The ring chart includes improvements.
  • Marketplace: The Solution Store has a new name.
  • … many bugs fixed

As usual, VisionX 5.7.11 is available in the download area for our customers.

School may only be out for the summer, but you can continue to have fun with the new release well into fall and beyond.


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