Abu Dhabi Oil Company Switches to VisionX for improved performance and security

Abu Dhabi Oil Company Switches to VisionX for improved performance and security
Roland Hörmann

About Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC)

In 1968, Abu Dhabi Oil Company (Japan) was established in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In September 1969, the exploratory well No.1 successfully produced the long-awaited crude oil. This underground structure was given the name of the Mubarraz Oil Field and was the first step towards ADOC’s success in Abu Dhabi.

Although the United Arab Emirates, (UAE), was founded on 2nd December 1971, ADOC had advanced into this area before the nation came into existence. In May 1973, the production of oil began, and in June 1973, the first shipment of Mubarraz crude oil left for Japan. Ever since field development and production increased ADOC operation until today.

New low -code environment needed to improve performance and security.

Since its establishment, the Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) has been highly regarded for its steady achievements in Abu Dhabi. Having used Filemaker as their primary low-code development Platform, the team at ADOC found itself in the situation of writing too much code. While this led to inefficiencies in the development of new applications, the IT team also saw significant challenges in the performance of the developed applications.

“We were writing too much programming code.”

– Gopi Shanmugam, Software Developer

Besides, those created enterprise applications lacked functionalities and the ability to do calculations. Also, security has been a significant concern.


Creating a budget tracking system with VisionX

These challenges and problems led the team to re-think the way those internal applications are built. The development team at ADOC started out by choosing VisionX as their primary low-code development tool to create an internal system that helps budget tracking.

This system should allow budget coordinators to track their expenses and budgets.

Scope of the system:

  • Create budget requests
  • Applicant can track their budget request status
  • Ability to create a new user and update existing users
  • Setting section can setup all master data
  • Assigned person is able to estimate budgets
  • Dashboard and analysis of budget estimations
  • Ability to track materials and invoices
  • Ability to create completion, execution, and re-allocation of reports


Life with VisionX

Since making the switch to VisionX and developing the first internal system for budget tracking, the Information Technology team at ADOC already experienced some major benefits.

VisionX helped the team speed up the development process. Through rapid development and the available workflow features, the team could speed up the process of creating and launching new applications.

While 50 to 100 users currently use the internal budget tracking system, VisionX helps ADOC with future scalability.

“Compared to our previous low-code platform, VisionX allows us to scale easily. Especially since VisionX offers has no limitations in end-user licenses or the number of applications.”
– Gopi Shanmugam, Software Developer

Why VisionX?

  • Database driven approach: ADOC enjoys the flexibility and full-code access of VisionX. Developers can quickly write database queries using VisionX.
  • Rapid development: Since it’s simple to develop applications with VisionX, the IT team could increase the speed of software development.
  • Unlimited scalability: The possibility to scale the applications (both on end-users as well as on the developer side) provides a significant benefit for the IT environment at ADOC


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