State-of-the-Art Maintenance Management for the Digital Ski World

State-of-the-Art Maintenance Management for the Digital Ski World
Roland Hörmann
Maintenance Management for the Digital Ski World with Low-Code

State-of-the-Art Maintenance Management for the Digital Ski World

About Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has mastered terrain from mountains and valleys to the beach and off-road with innovative technology, passion, and creativity.

As the market leader for snow groomers, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG and its premium product, the PistenBully, have been an integral part of the ski industry since 1960. All PistenBully products can be equipped with SNOWsat, a digital slope, fleet and maintenance management system. The product range is rounded off by the PRO ACADEMY, which offers professional training courses for beginners or experienced employees in the ski area and consulting for the management.

About SNOWsat

SNOWsat means solutions for the digital ski worlds.

It all started with snow depth measurement and fleet management, with more and more practical features added over the years. With SNOWsat Maintain, the team is starting a brand-new chapter by focusing on all maintenance processes in a ski resort.

SNOWsat is presenting unique solutions for unified digital control of all the processes in the ski area.

The Problem: Limited Resources to Build State-of-the-Art Software

The team at SNOWsat had minimal time and limited internal resources to create a digital solution for service and maintenance processes regarding PistenBully and all other assets in a ski resort like snow guns and snowmobiles which need to be managed and maintained.

Therefore, the team needed a solution to create new software quickly and efficiently.

We found that solution with SIB Visions. Their low-code development environment is simple enough to start fast, but powerful enough to create even very complex processes.

Building Maintenance Management Systems for the Digital Ski World

SNOWsat Maintain is a tool from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG for digital ski worlds focusing on maintenance processes.

It is essential for the workshop manager to plan upcoming maintenance, have an overview of the status of the fleet, open and complete tasks, and manage the ordering of spare parts.

Low Code platform for maintenance management system

All these processes are digitized by SNOWsat Maintain – via the browser or the smartphone app.

The feature I like most is that we are not bound to a specific vendor nor proprietary system. Everything created is based on open-source components and can also be managed without VisionX. But we are too happy to consider that. 🙂

Benefits of VisionX 

1) Fast development and integration: with VisionX, building and maintaining our applications worked incredibly fast, especially with possible integrations with SAP and other systems.

2) Solution-oriented: we enjoyed working with SIB Visions, thanks to their solution orientation and outstanding engagement.

3) The team at SIB Visions established a textbook example of how to reach the set goals within the estimated time and with available resources.


The software built with VisionX is used by ski resorts all around the world. The built applications help in various use cases and areas:

  • Optimization and digitization of the operating procedures
  • Enhancement of the maintenance planning
  • Improvement of the vehicle and equipment availability
  • Cost reduction
  • End-to-end documentation, analysis, and evaluation of all activities and costs for slope preparation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Preservation of the equipment’s value

Moreover, the application is directly connected to the spare parts shop and SAP. It is also used to manage internal processes. For example, service information and modifications are managed via SNOWsat Maintain.

Build your own applications. Try VisionX.

If you’d like to build your applications, feel free to give our low-code platform VisionX a try, or get in touch for a personal demo.



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