TU Darmstadt Builds Scientific Project Management Software With VisionX

TU Darmstadt Builds Scientific Project Management Software With VisionX
Roland Hörmann
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Full flexibility in building project management software: TU Darmstadt builds scientific project management software with VisionX

About TU Darmstadt

The Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt is one of Germany’s leading technical universities.

TU Darmstadt bundles its excellent and globally visible research into six profile areas. Research in the profile areas focuses on topics of high relevance for the technological developments, society, and economy. Profile areas are highly interdisciplinary and always involve several departments to adequately address future challenges.

The profile area Thermo-Fluids and Interfaces (TFI) represents a wide range of activities in fluid dynamics, combustion, heat and mass transfer. TFI research creates the basis for developing new energy and process engineering products and processes, as well as more energy-efficient machines.

No Standardized Reporting and Lots of Manual Tasks

Before using VisionX, the TFI team dealt with a situation in which no data model for their research programs was available. They also lacked standardized reporting, despite it being a repetitive task.

The team was aware that a relational database with customer-specific report export would save a lot of time in day-to-day business. However, this was a greenfield project, so the team needed a method that would allow them to develop a user interface and functionality for a database. They also needed to be able to quickly implement changes and additional requirements resulting from field tests.

These constraints motivated us to use low-code as the right method for developing a web application.

Scientific Project Management Built With VisionX

The first application built by the TFI team at TU Darmstadt was a scientific project management web application for collaborative research programs.

These collaborative research programs consist of several sub-projects. Sub-projects interlink with each other in so-called collaborations. Additionally, each sub-project has its own work program and has to contribute to various scientific and non-scientific goals.

The built application maps all relations and dependencies of the collaborative research program, automates tasks, and automatically generates a standardized report.

Why TU Darmstadt Chose VisionX

1. Fast time to market: with VisionX, the time and cost to deliver first results were low.

2. Full flexibility and no technical limitations: in addition to the visual development (through drag-and-drop), the team enjoyed creating custom features through code. This ensured that there were no limits or blockers from a technical perspective.

Saved Time Thanks to Standardized Reports

The application produces a report that includes an automatically generated node-link-diagram showing the project’s relations to all other projects and the status of the collaboration.

This standardized report supports structured communication among all scientists, tracks decisions and tasks, and provides an overview of the program’s status at any time through specific evaluations.

Overall, this setup increases the impact of the research program and reduces the time required for coordination.

The Benefits of Using VisionX

There are many different reasons why TFI at Technical University Darmstadt chose to build their project management application with VisionX.

The main benefits the TFI team at TU Darmstadt experiences are:

  • Desktop development: VisionX runs as a desktop application on the developer’s machine.
  • Code access: with full code access, the development team can develop custom features where needed.
  • Fast development: VisionX allowed TU Darmstadt to set up the first prototype extremely fast. This was helpful in further discussions with all people involved.
  • Java: the team ran into no technical limits since everything can be solved within the code.
    Transparent pricing and cost structure

Summary of the Application Built With VisionX

1. Built application: scientific project management tool

2. Platform: web (mobile coming soon)

3. People using the system: up to 40

Build your own applications. Try VisionX.

If you’d like to build your applications, feel free to give our low-code platform VisionX a try, or get in touch for a personal demo.


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